Undergraduate Work-Study Research Initiative seeks faculty facilitators

The Division of Physical and Biological Sciences is launching a new Undergraduate Work-Study Research Initiative (WSRI) and is seeking three faculty facilitators to help run it.

These appointments will run from summer 2021 through spring 2022. Summer commitment is minimal given that work-study jobs start in the fall and remain active through spring. Each faculty facilitator will receive $2,000/year.

Interested faculty should submit a self-nomination. Questions can be directed to Peter Weiss (pweiss@ucsc.edu) or Christina Ravelo (acr@ucsc.edu).

Diverse Voices 2021: Promoting diversity in STEM education and careers

Diverse Voices, a Baskin School of Engineering professional speaker series spotlighting industry leaders and Baskin Engineering alumni, returns in April 2021 for its third season. The Diverse Voices series aims to promote diversity in engineering and tech and inspire more individuals from underrepresented backgrounds to pursue STEM education and careers.