Program Overview: 

The WRSI is designed to support the growth and success of early undergraduate students. We invite all interested students, and especially those from backgrounds underrepresented in academia, to apply. The program seeks to provide equity to students who would like to contribute to research by supporting them financially and professionally.


The 2021-22 WSRI faculty facilitators are Martha Zuñiga, Ruth Murray-Clay, and Roxanne Beltran.


Information for Students
  • Students involved in the WSRI are paid by their work-study package. General information about the work-study program at UCSC can be found here: Work-study Employment Guide.
  • If you are interested in joining, fill out this form.
  • For more details about the program, watch the recorded information session here.
  • Program Elements include –
    • Funding for conducting research through work-study
    • Access to resources and workshops by Research Affiliate for Diversity (RAD).
    • Meet once or twice a quarter with the WSRI faculty facilitators
      • These meetings are designed to bring together student researchers for socializing, community-building activities, and mentoring.


Information for PI's
  • If you hope to contribute to Diversity, equity, and inclusion at UCSC, this is a great opportunity. To participate, fill out this form to be added to our mailing list.
  • For more information about what participation as a PI would be like, watch this recording of the Fall 2021 information session for PIs.
  • As a PI involved in WSRI, you would pay half of the students’ wage. The student’s financial aid package covers the other half.
  • The information on hiring work-study students is on the Career Center website Recruitment and Hiring.
  • If you have a work-study position you’d like to fill, follow these steps:
    • 1. ) Create an ER posting with a job description
    • 2. ) Email your accountant and inform them about the position
    • 3. ) Select your new hire.
      • Can be a current undergraduate researcher in your lab whom you’d like to participate in the WSRI (or)
      • Select a student using the pool of applicants
  • PI’s involved in the WSRI will meet with the faculty facilitators once per quarter to provide a peer-peer resource.
    • The goal of these meetings are –
      • To answer any questions about the work-study process and help address any challenges.
      • To conduct mentorship training through CITL and talk about mentoring strategies, such as guiding students from lab assistants to senior thesis students.
      • Clarify graduate students’ roles in working with undergraduates in the lab to encourage a good work environment further




PBS DEI Committee

The PBS DEI committee’s role in the undergraduate work-study research initiative will be to select faculty facilitators annually based on a self-nomination process. The committee will also support the faculty facilitators by making recommendations and offering logistical support in its implementation. Support will include but is not limited to annual surveys to check programs’ progress and success. These surveys will allow the committee to make improvements and changes to the program deemed necessary. The PBS DEI Committee will conduct quarterly meetings with faculty facilitators to track progress, offer support, and address concerns.